Dominate your Diabetes

by learning the steps you can take to take control of your blood sugar, regain energy, lose weight, and reduce the need for medication

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From the Comfort of Your Own Home

No need to get ready for a doctor's appointment, go at your own pace

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Lose Weight

Lose weight and keep it off, while regaining the energy you have been missing.

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Take Control of Your Blood Sugar

Learn healthy ways to deal with lows and the best foods to eat for life.

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Dominating Diabetes Online Course

Are you frustrated with the management, or mismanagement, of your diabetes? Imagine your life without constant finger pricks or spending your time taking medication and going to the doctor!

In the Dominating Diabetes program, you will learn:

• What you should be eating when you have lows
• What supplements will support your body as you recover
• What artificial sugars are and which ones to avoid
• A day-by-day meal plan and grocery lists that you can use for life
• How to set goals that you can actually achieve
•Weekly facebook group coaching from Dr. West

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Learn and implement at your own pace...complete with shopping lists, meal plans, simple workouts for home...all of the tools you need to dominate your diabetes!

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